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« Equity at Emar (late bronze age Syria) »

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« Equity at Emar (late bronze age Syria) »

Conférence de Sophie Démare-Lafont à Leiden le 8 juin 2018

Colloque organisé par Stephen Moore (

Equity, redemption and release in ancient legal traditions

lieu : Conference room, Johan Huizinga Building, Universiteit Leiden

Leiden (Netherlands)

The equity phenomenon, whereby legal practice on the ground is amended or corrected by a variety of means, is well attested in the cuneiform traditions. The right to redeem property previously sold or pledged belongs here, as do the royal debt-release edicts. Yet the phenomenon is also wider than this and the aim of this one-day conference will be to gather scholars to present archival evidence from a range of different periods and places, with particular focus on cuneiform sources. In addition to Old Babylonian archival evidence from
different localities, papers will also address the third millennium evidence, evidence from LBA Emar, the Middle Assyrian edicts, and Neo-Babylonian practices. From outside Mesopotamia, Egyptian and epigraphic Roman evidence will be presented. The accent of the day is on the operation of equity, how it worked based on the archival evidence, but the broad scope of the papers is intended to open up comparative discussion and perspectives that will be of interest to Assyriologists, Egyptologists, and ancient historians more generally.


9:30-9:45 Registration, tea and coffee
9:45-10:00 Welcome and opening remarks
Chair : Sophie Démare-Lafont

10.00-10:30 Hans Neumann
Zu den ökonomischen und juristischen Aspekten von Freilassung, Freikauf und der Auslösung von Sklaven in Mesopotamien im ausgehenden 3. Jahrtausend v. Chr.

10:40-11.10 Anne Goddeeris
Putting Principles into Practice : The role of the paternal estate in Old Babylonian redemptions

11:10-11:30 Coffee break
11.30-12:00 Guido Pfeifer
The provision of sanctions against the circumvention of debt releases in the Edict of Ammi-ṣaduqa

12.10-12.40 Stephen Moore
Redeeming the priesthood : equity in service of the cult at Old Babylonian Nippur

12.45-13.30 Lunchbreak

Chair : Guido Pfeifer

13.30-14.00 Sophie Démare-Lafont
Equity practices in Late Bronze Age Syria

14.10-14.40 Cornelia Wunsch
Redemption rights versus final sale in the Neo-Babylonian period

14.40-15.00 Coffee break

15.00-15.30 Koen Donker van Heel
An ancient Egyptian corrective legal tool that occasionally backfires

15.40-16.10 Egbert Koops
"It is malicious to demand what one must surrender" Equitable protection of informal transfer of property

16.10-16.45 Discussion and close
16.45 Drinks (Pakhuis)
18.00 Dinner for speakers

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